Yoga for Teen girls

Do you have a teenager who want to join our small group?

The benefits of yoga for teen are numerous, it helps with anxiety, stress and depression, and it also teaches them to pay attention to what their bodies are telling them. My Black Asana is a combinaison of strenght and flexibility, breathing exercices and relaxation, and more importantly a safe and non judgement place for your teen to be herself and do yoga.

My pod yoga is a small group of 3 to 6 teen girls, we meet once a month, on Saturday at 11am, in person at the studio. 1 hour flow vinyasa and 15 minutes of relaxation. We move through fun, intelligent, effective yoga poses and dance move. We focus on relaxation, postures and mindfulness. They are encouraged to go at there own pace.

Benefits of yoga for teen girls include:

Improving general body awareness- Yoga allows girls to explore what shape their bodies can take. At an age where their bodies are changing rapidly, yoga helps girls understand the ways their bodies can move and grow stronger. Body awareness can help girls learn to truly respect and value their bodies which can be emotionally beneficial.

Helping alleviate stress Yoga involves rhythmic breathing and stretching, which gives teens a natural way to relieve stress. Proper breathing techniques help girls relax and let go of their worries as they practice yoga.

Promoting a positive body image- When girls get in touch with their bodies through yoga, they can feel so much better about themselves overall. Yoga helps girls experience their own body strength, and for many girls, feeling stronger can help avoid feelings of self consciousness.

Building self esteem- Yoga focuses on self improvement and teens measure their progress against what their own goals are.

Boosting self confidence– Yoga provides a healthy environment for teens to learn about themselves without negative influence, such as images promoting a certain body image in the media. This healthy atmosphere helps bolster a girl’s positive sense of self and improves self confidence.

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You can pay with CashApp or Venmo : $gooneybeeyogi or @gooneybeeyogi Please send me a note with name of participant.