Senegal Trip


Dakar, Senegal​​

November 19-27, 2023

Yoga. Dance. Art. Discovery.


 9 days journey to inspire you spiritually, culturally and mentally. 

It is not just about wellness, art, fashion, food and discovery but also TERANGA!

Teranga comes from the Wolof language, one of the many dialects of Senegal. The loose translation is hospitality, but to the Senegalese people, it means so much more. When you meet a stranger you treat them like family. You feed and take care of them until it’s time for them to go on the road again. Senegalese are immensely proud to be known as the country of Teranga.


Learn Djembe dance and steps of the Djembe styles from the Khasonke people of Mali. Djembe dance can be high-energy and lots of fun. 


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The teacher will move you through the chakras, from the root to the crown focusing on yoga, meditation, and journaling to open and nourish each of the body sacred centers. If you are not familiar with the importance of the chakras, then this will be the perfect opportunity for you to learn.


Maison des Esclaves (“Slave House”) in Gorée Island:

Goree Island, French Ile de Goree, a small island just south of Cape Verde Peninsula, Senegal that was the site of one of the earliest European settlements in Western Africa and long served as an outpost for slave and another trading. This landmass played an important part in the early days of African American history. The most haunting thing about this place is the “door of no return.” The door has become a symbol for the Diaspora, place that urges us all to pause and remember the suffering that millions of slaves endured during the TransAtlantic slave trade.

African Renaissance Monument:

At 160 feet tall, the bronze African Renaissance Monument is over one-and-a-half times the height of the Statue of Liberty. It depicts a man with a bare, ripped torso holding an infant aloft in one arm and guiding a woman with the other. The infant points ahead to indicate the glorious future, while the woman extends her arm behind to acknowledge the troubled past. Her hair is swept back by the wind, as are her scant, gossamer-like garments.

Museum of Black Civilizations:

One of the largest museums of its kind in the world. The museum, dedicated to “decolonizing African knowledge” has been 52 years in the making.

The Bandia reserve: 

The Bandia wildlife reserve is a real ecological jewel in the crown of Senegal. It has succeeded in reintroducing much of the marvellous native flora and of some of Africa’s best loved animals. Many of which had gradually disappeared, some of them centuries ago, due to demographic pressure and poaching.

Lompoul desert:

The Lompoul desert is a small desert located 145 km south of Saint-Louis, Senegal. It is characterized by orange sand dunes forming a landscape that is more akin to those of the Sahara and Mauritania than those of the surrounding area of Senegal, and is a popular tourist attraction of Senegal.

Pink lake:

A true natural phenomenon located only 30 miles from Dakar, the highly saline Pink Lake lives up to its name.

Art & Fashion


Visit of Dakar’s biggest market “Marché HLM” is the place to get African textiles. Marché HLM offer a variety and a goldmine for a textile lover. In this market you can get your clothes tailored, whether you want something modern or more traditional African style (extra cost but optional).

Marché Soumbédioune

Marché Soumbédioune a good spot for souvenir hunting. It is a market in the area of Médina where local artisans and craftsmen sell their creations, for instance wooden masks, jewellery, clothes, leather goods, pottery or paintings. 



Accommodation: Hotel and Spa located in a peaceful and friendly city of Saly, full of tradition and exoticism. A relaxing paradise to experience the adventure of authentic Africa and its culture. Breakfast and lunch.

Transportation: Private transport to and from DSS airport & ground transportation to all included excursions.

ExcursionsGoree Island, Reserve de Bandia, Lompoul desert, Pink Lake and other wellness and grounded activities.

Wellness: Morning and/or evening yoga/meditation classes. African dance class. *Hotels and activities are subject to change

Goodies: Welcome gift bag.


 A $500 non-refundable deposit is required at booking.

The retreat must be paid in full no later than September 15, 2023

Payment plans reflect after the deposit is paid.

Double occupancy: $4000/pers

4 payment of $875 or 2 payment of $1750

who we are

Ngone Mbaye is a Co-Founder and Studio Manager of Greene Moments. Her yoga journey started 7 years ago while working as a French language assistant teacher for Murray Hills Wee Ones Club, a Manhattan-based preschool. Once each week, a yoga instructor taught the children yoga movements. She became inspired by the way the instructor guided the children with games, music, and books while teaching various yoga poses and stretches. A short while later Ngone received her children’s yoga certifications from Little Flower YogaUrban Yoga Foundation, and Rainbow Kids Yoga. In 2015, Ngone completed her 200-hour yoga certification and 300-hour yoga certification at Three Sisters Yoga in New York City. In 2017, she completed a 300-hour Hatha yoga certification in Rishikesh, India.

Ngone enjoys teaching yoga to children and adults. She guides all of her students through fun, intelligent, effective yoga classes and focuses on teaching relaxation, correct posture, and mindfulness. Her Goddess Yoga class invites all individuals to be present, honor and share the inner Goddess with others through uplifting movements and breathing. Every shape and all levels are welcome. Ngone believes that yoga is for every body. After each class participants leave with a piece of peace to share with family, friends, neighbors, and strangers.

Ngone’s classes are gentle and accessible to everyone. Individuals are encouraged to go at your own pace whether you are a beginner or experienced. Her teaching will feed you physically and mentally. Ngone teaches yoga to NYC uncommon high schools, to the incarcerated women of Rikers Island since 2017 and leads international yoga retreats.